KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

It is not physically possible for me to walk by a game that costs less than a dollar and not get it. Especially if it’s new and I don’t already have a copy. There are days where I do wish that I didn’t have this problem, though. The day I bought a game based on the band KISS was one of those days.

What this game is about, I have no earthly idea. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. But there are these guys, not actually band members, who have to run around generic scummy city areas, killing aliens and collecting pieces of KISS armor (those outfits that the band members wear on stage). Other than playing dress-up with your guy, what does KISS have to do with this game? Well, if you walk up to a jukebox you can hear a few seconds of one of the band’s songs.

This game is so bland, so boring, and so empty that after the initial action, I wandered around after about two hours before I finally found the stupid piece of armor that I was looking for. So I never managed to figure out what was going on in this game or why I should care, so I quit caring and excised this thing from my Dreamcast for good.

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