Bad Dog 911

Bad Dog 911 was a part of the After Dark Games collection, which was based on the screensaver of the same name (famous for its flying toasters). It starred the Bad Dog creating mischief for a hapless clock washer. The dog runs across the screen, and manages to knock the clock washer’s platform down to the ground, leaving him hanging on to the hands for dear life. You have to take the letters in the scrambled word at the top of the screen and create as many words as you can. Each word will send the platform up a little higher, and eventually will rescue him. Assuming, of course, that you spell enough words to get the platform high enough in the time limit. Fail and the poor guy falls down and breaks a limb. He’s a trooper though. He’ll get back on the platform, cast and all, and head back up to clean the clock.

The game sounds simple, and it is. It’s a part of a larger collection, and all of the games in it are pretty quick and easy. If you like playing with letters, you’ll probably like this game.

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  3. Please
    I need this word game “Bd Dog”. How can I have it?


  4. basscomm says:

    Unfortunately, the only way I know of to get it is to find the After Dark Games collection, which has been out of print for several years.

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