Pocket Pikachu 2 GS

Pokemon was a worldwide phenomenon. Still is, really. At least the influx of licensed crap has died down. Of course, I still bought my fair share of it, though I shied away from some of the lamer offerings. But when I saw the Pocket Pikachu get marked down to $5, I decided to see what it was all about.

Pocket Pikachu

The Pocket Pikachu is little more than interactive pet. You wear it on the belt region of your pants where it acts as a pedometer. As you walk around on your daily doings you put steps on your meter, which will gain you watts. Watts are what you give Pikachu to make it more friendly with you. You can also use them to play a game where you gamble your watts for yet more watts. You can also play with your Pika, watch it take a bath, take a nap, or whatever. But the real hook is that the game has an IR port on the top. Pokemon Gold and Silver were put out for the Game Boy Color, which you may remember has an IR port on it. You can starve your mouse and instead give the watts to your Game Boy game to get prizes. It’s all about selling the accessories, kids.

I played this thing a lot. I fed my Pikachu, I played with it, I got lots of prizes for my Game Boy monsters, and after exactly 730 continuous days I put it away for good. Not because the battery was dead, but because I decided that playing a game every day for two solid years was enough.

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