Skuljagger: Revolt of the Westicans

I played Skuljagger one time, a pretty long time ago. As a game it was pretty forgettable: you run around some generic island to collect gems and buckle the swashes of some pirates. Oh sure, your power-ups consisted primarily of gum, but gaining powers by eating candy has also already been done by Boys and their Blobs.

It’s probably about now that you’re wondering to yourself, “Well, why would anyone want to play it then?”

Excellent question!

As it happens, in the game’s heyday you could actually call a specially-crafted phone number and Skulljagger himself will insult you. Mercilessly, even. Who would care how bad the game was when you could call a number for free and have some pre-recorded pirate call you a quaking pus-bag? I called the line pretty well daily over the summer of 1992, pretty much every time I went by a payphone. If memory serves, there were only three monologues delivered by our pirate-captain friend. The last one was exceedingly short and sounded like Skulljagger recorded it while sitting on the top of a moving semi on a windy day, and although I can’t remember the exact wording of the message, I do remember the crappy game. That’s worth something, right?


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  1. Ah ha, I wondered if anyone ever called that. Why this occurred in the autumn of 2009 can not be known. I was hoping to find an actual copy of the recording or whatever it was, but I think the internet has rather spoiled me, and there is no sensible reason I should expect a person to have called a phone number, put the receiver up to a tape recorder, get something actually audible and then hold onto it for… yikes, 17 years. I should be grateful just that you remembered something like “quaking pus-bag” for so long. And so I will try. Thank yhhhhhh…. no, I have failed.

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