Titan Quest

Based on the reviews I read, Titan Quest promised to be a fun distraction. It was a pretty blatant ripoff of the very successful Diablo II formula: run around the landscape, kill things, gain levels, spend skill points, etc. etc. Only this time, it’s set in ancient Greece.

There’s a story, but it really doesn’t matter what it is. You get to slog through ancient Greece and search for monsters to kill, which will make you stronger and give you the ability to kill stronger abominations. Your character will start out the same every time and how you fight and develop your fighter will ultimately determine its class.

As you level up, you get Skill Points. You can spend these skill points in up to two Specializations. Picking two Specializations that benefit each other will make your character a force to be reckoned with. Sounds like some built-in replayability. If you can stand the game.

I’ve started the game three separate times so far, and each time peter out after a couple of hours, barely making it to Level 10 (out of 99 or so). I’m not sure why. I think it comes down to the presentation. It’s not really clear why I’m fighting, and as a consequence, I don’t really care about the people that inhabit this world. They’re just going to have to deal with their problems without me.

Oh, but I can get the Special Edition Best Buy version of the Expansion pack, with limited edition Best Buy armor. I didn’t really get to see what that meant, but I couldn’t shake the thought of running around ancient Greece fighting mythical beasts clad in a blue polo and khaki pants.

Okay, yes, that would be pretty hilarious, but not worth the price of admission.

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