Days of Thunder

As a rule, I don’t really like watching car racing, or anything that has to do with racing. But I did watch Days of Thunder the movie, mostly because I was at someone’s house spending the night and that’s the only thing they had to watch. But, that was several months after I had played the game. And I have to admit, the movie was way less boring.

In Days of Thunder the game you take control of your Mello Yello car and have to win a series of races. Why? I dunno, I didn’t actually care enough to find out.

Truth be told, I got bored with this game really fast. Mostly because the presentation is so bland. You just kind of get that static uniwidth representation of the track with some generic clouds and no music or anything. Just lots of meters and ambient sound effects to keep you company.

But I couldn’t get much past the qualifying laps. It was just so dull and monotonous. The most fun I had was grinding the walls and trying to make the tires turn red, and then burst. Then, when I go to the pits, I just kind of fire the pit crew, turn off this game, and then go play something fun.

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