Hero of the Golden Talisman

Like a lot of games that I played over the years, I had no idea what was going on in Hero of the Golden Talisman, and the title screen didn’t actually help me understand it at all.

Hero of the Golden Talisman

What I do know is that you’re a guy and you have to run around a labyrinth collecting flags and trying to find and defeat dragons. The flags somehow increase your firepower, which is kind of important because the dragons are kind of strong, and you have to kill off the dragons to get back the pieces of the titular Golden Talisman to… uh… I don’t really know to what end. I guess to win the game.

I played this game a fair number of times, but didn’t really make much of what you might call progress. This is due to two main things. Firstly, the map to this game is huge! A lot huger than I actually knew, and the impotent mini-map that’s provided to you is absolutely worthless. And somehow it never dawned on me to actually make a pencil-and-paper map to find my way around the place, which would have been a really smart idea.

Hero of the Golden Talisman Map

Now, you might notice by looking at that map that there are lots of vertical shafts that have ledges that you need to jump on. Thing is, though, that you can’t directly control yourself after you jump off a ledge, but you instead bounce off the walls, which brings me to my second thing. I had a real hard time lining up my jumps correctly. I’d invariably mis-time it, and miss the ledge I was aiming for by a few microns, then plummet far out of my way. Then I’d take the several minutes to make it back to the original ledge to jump it off again, only to mis-judge it the other way and still miss the jump.

Then, after missing the same jump a few dozen times, I just kind of got bored with it and decided to put in something that I was a little better at.

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