Mario Clash

As I’ve mentioned before I have a Virtual Boy and didn’t hate it. I talked about Mario Bros. yesterday so I could talk about Mario Clash today.

Mario Clash is almost completely identical to Mario Bros. with one major difference: the game is in pseudo 3D (no big surprise here). The game is mostly the same: various vermin come out of the pipes and you have to hit them to flip them over and kick them while they’re down. This game, though, introduces a foreground and a background and a new play mechanic, the ability to pick up and throw shells.

You can throw the shells left and/or right like in a boring, not 3D game or you can throw them from the foreground to the background and vice versa. This makes the game slightly tougher since you have to have not only a good sense of timing, but a sense of timing in 3D space. Other than that, it’s basically the same game. Not quite a sequel, but still a good way to waste a couple of minutes.

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