For a game that I played somewhat extensively as a youngster, Tapper hasn’t aged very well.

You take charge of a bartender in a series of bars, each with multiple… bars. Each bar in each bar has a door at the end that lets in thirsty customers. It’s your job to get them a cool, frosty mug of a beverage (either beer or root beer, depending on the version). You draw the draft and fling the glass down the counter where a customer will catch it and be knocked back a bit. Your goal is to fling the drinks down the counters and knock the patrons out of the bar, satisfied with drink in hand. If you break a glass, by either throwing it when nobody can get it or by failing to catch an empty glass thrown back at you, you lose. Allow a patron to get to the end of the bar without throwing them a drink, then you lose.

The game gets pretty hectic relatively quickly, so hectic that I end up losing by breaking glasses more than anything else. Mostly because some patron would finish off his first and then just sit there for a couple of seconds, pondering the aftertaste, while the new drink I threw at him sails right past.

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