Space Channel 5

Rhythm games just seem to get weirder and weirder. Case in point: Space Channel 5. This is a game about ratings. You play the part of eye-candy reporter Ulala as she investigates some weird alien phenomenon that is forcing people to mindlessly dance. How does she combat this? Why, with the power of dance, of course!

Each stage has a distinctive sound track that plays throughout. As you make your way through the stage, you will be stopped periodically by people and aliens that will do a few dance moves. You have to mimic these moves to set the hypnotized people free and defeat the aliens. You also have an approval rating that is based on how well you dance (you work for a TV Station, remember?). Miss too many steps (lose too many viewers) and you have the plug pulled on your show.

If you do play this game, be sure to keep a look out for ‘Space Michael’. Some famous singer/dancer/songwriter managed to record some ‘Woo’s and a ‘Thank you, Ulala!’ specifically for this game.

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