Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

I really like the Crazy Taxi games. They let me live out my fantasy of being a cabbie in an impossibly souped-up car from the safety of my couch.

Crazy Taxi 2 was a bit disappointing. It added some new mechanics and was pretty fun, but I just didn’t really like the new map as much as the old one. This might be because I spent a lot more hours with the original game, and was more familiar with its layout. 3 follows the tradition set forth by 2 in that you have another new map and four new drivers. Otherwise, it’s identical to the second game. Pick people up, take them where they want to go, get money, repeat until obscenely rich.

What I really liked about this game is that they included the map from the original game and kept the ‘jumping’ ability and the multiple customers introduced in the second game, which for me would completely justify the purchase of this game… if I had an Xbox to play it on.

Being able to do the jumps in the first game, something you weren’t originally able to do, makes the map a load of fun. It helps if you’ve gotten familiar with the jumping from the second game, and the dashing and drifting in all the games. And since I managed to complete the ‘training challenges’ in the first two games, I certainly am. If you’re not… well… I understand that this game has ridiculously-hard skill-honing challenges too.

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